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This group is dedicated to Newsviners who have an interest in science. It is only for science, not for your political attacks using science as ammunition or your cultural insults or your ideological sneering. If you are unsure what science is, you probably should not post here. Applications for membership will only be accepted after the user has demonstrated an interest in science by his seeds/articles.

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A place to talk, debate and argue science. There are lots of other groups for technology, gadgets, politics, government policies,health and the other stuff that results from science so post everything that isn't straight science in one of those to get better exposure.

That's our only rule and we all voted on it.

If it's not science, we delete it. That doesn't mean it can be technology, health or politics tangentially related to science. If it's not in the science category it will probably be deleted. If it's in the science category but obviously placed there to 'game' the system, it will be deleted.

Persistently violating that rule will mean removal. 3 strikes.

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